Vitanova - RESPECT — Supporting free and exceptional education to break the poverty cycle in San Francisco's highest at-risk neighborhoods.
August 30, 2017 Vitanova

RESPECT — Supporting free and exceptional education to break the poverty cycle in San Francisco’s highest at-risk neighborhoods.

Vitanova gives 10 percent of all proceeds to the preservation of botanical wisdom and to organizations that provide real hope and change in the world.

OnePurpose School is creating a free and exceptional public charter school in the

Bayview Area of San Francisco that will provide an innovative education to the city’s highest-poverty neighborhoods, and an essential step to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Vitanova has joined with Oracle and Sensato Investors, amongst others, to support this incredible local organization, OnePurpose School.

Vitanova CEO Kamal El-Wattar expressed his vision. “We are excited to be part of supporting our local community through OnePurpose School. They will provide a holistic approach to education by providing the child and their family with services such as organic food and after-school care and counseling, which leads to success in their endeavors.”

Why is this program important to Vitanova?
Currently, demography equals destiny in the U.S. If you start out in poverty, you are almost certain to end up in poverty. The best way to break the cycle of poverty is education, specifically a college degree.

OnePurpose School is committed to supporting low-income children on their road to college graduation. It helps the individual child, their parents and siblings—and, critically, their future children—beat the cycle of poverty.

OnePurpose School believes every child can thrive in an environment that supports curiosity, effort and engagement. Students who are supported at home and in their community do better, achieve more and are happier at school, which leads them on the path to success in life.

You can donate to OnePurpose School here and learn more about how Vitanova pays it forward here.

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