In 2015, we introduced Vitanova. Crafted by Sequoia Nutraceuticals (named after the Cherokee chieftain who preserved ancient wisdom for his people by bringing the written word to his nation), a company that dedicates itself to bridging the gap between Western consumers and the hidden cultures around the world, the possessors of profound insight into the secrets of biodiversity.

In this modern world, where the savvy consumer knows to avoid GMOs, non-organic products, allergens and other toxic processes, Vitanova enters the market with these badges of purity already in hand. With the contemporary wisdom of probiotic fermentation and the invigorating potential of distinct omega oils, Vitanova always seeks the knowledge of nature and then confirms through science, embodying the noble truths of transparency, honesty and health.

Vitanova is dedicated to delivering the sage knowledge of Mother Nature while respecting her passionately at the same time. Through sustainable sourcing and agriculture and a commitment to environmental integrity, all of our products reflect our guiding principles of promoting ultimate health to our customers and the earth we share.

What separates the Vitanova line from the older forms of vitamins, minerals and supplements is that all of its products contain every core element one would expect from a multivitamin but are delivered in the purest, most potent form known to science—by the superfood, organic plants themselves. Vitanova is the guardian angel waiting each morning to celebrate renewal, rebirth and your daily renaissance by providing the purest, healthiest most ethical choices on the market.

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