"Preservation of one's own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures."

- Cesar Chavez


Nepal is just one of the many stories of plant knowledge extinction. In this mountainous country teeming with diverse flora and fauna, the villagers depend on medicinal plants for their healthcare. Many of their natural medicines are being threatened by the destruction of their forests and other natural habitats. Ultimately, the loss of each plant species, and the healing powers they hold within, threatens not only the local people but also each and every one of us who live on Earth.

At Vitanova™, it is our respect for the planet and its people that shapes our actions. That’s why we’re leading the way to help preserve the 6,500 languages that are currently undergoing rapid extinction and thereby the fountain of botanical knowledge of indigenous people around the globe.

Vitanova proudly supports and sponsors several organizations designed to create real, positive change in the world including: Bioneers, Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages, The Biomimicry Institute, Gaia Amazonas.

Vitanova’s founders also helped create The Answers Project, an international minority language and culture support campaign that currently supports language preservation workshops in some of the most biodiverse regions on the planet—from the Amazon to Micronesia. The Answers offers us a wellspring of knowledge, vital answers to life’s most pressing questions as well as an opportunity to preserve the cultures, customs, habitats and languages of indigenous peoples around the world. Vitanova is proud to support such a timely and vital endeavor.

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